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The Rights Methods to Treat Vitiligo

The right methods to treat vitiligoSo far we are not very clear about the Etiology and pathogenesis of this disease,although there are many ways that can use to treat this disease, such as the Traditional Chinese treatment, western medical, and combining the traditional Chinese and western medical treatment.

All these therapies we can see the various grade color restoring effects. However, the clinical efficacy of the repeatability is poor. The individual vitiligo condition is different. So for the vitiligo patients should look for some peofessional treatment methods to treat their disease systemically, not looking for some specific drugs to treat their disease.

Actually some of the vitiligo doctors sale out some folk prescription as a secret recipe, these folk prescription is made by some toxic substance that may contain realgar, arsenic, mercury, cinnabar, or they mixed some hormones, immunosuppressant, or anticancer drugs with Chinese herbal medicine mixed together form powder, pill or capsule.

These folk prescriptions may have temporary effects to partial patients, even have a good short-term efficacy. But once the patients get used to these kind of medications, they will rely on this medication, their needs to this medication also will increase. After long term using these folk medications, there are many sides will appear and some toxic symptoms. Once they stop using it, their vitiligo will become worsen than before, even suffer from arsenic keratosis, malignant tumor, and skin cancer.

So the patients should resist the folk prescription look for professional treatment.

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