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How to Improve the Vitiligo Condition

How to improve the vitiligo conditionIn the area of skin diseases, vitiligo disease is a very representative skin disease, this disease can randomly occur on any part of skin. It brings a lot of sufferings for vitiligo patients. In daily life, people usually will keep away from vitiligo patients, the emergence of this phenomenon seriously affect the patient's daily communication. So this articles introduce few points to improve the condition of this disease. such as for daily diet suggestion, and exercise an dthe sanitary aspects.

Vitiligo belong to skin disease the major characteristic for this disease is skin show white color, they will not feel any pain. The rational diet has therapeutic effects to the patient’s disease. For example eat raisins is very good for vitiligo patients. Because the raisins contain the transaminase when this substance absorbed by the human body, it can improve the immunity ability for vitiligo patients.

There are many factors can cause Vitiligo disease, some of the patients is because of the inhibitory factor some with vitiligo disease is acquired. The patients should make a plan to do exercise in daily life, which is quite good for the vitiligo recovery process. It can improve the patients’ immunity ability and regulate the balance of the hormones help to improve the disease condition.

Because the vitiligo belongs to skin disease, so to strength the sanitary is the key step. For example the patients should have a bath everyday, and change their clothes frequently, all these details have a key effect to the improvement of this disease. Eating less or avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C. Vitiligo is a antioxidant, it can inhibit the dopa further oxidized into dopachrome and make the synthesized dopa enzyme reduce into dopa and cause the melanin pigment can not synthesized. So the vitiligo patients should avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C such as green chilies, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, fresh dates, cherries, kiwifruits and etc. Besides that the patients have to note that avoid taking western cream blindly.

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