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Attentions for external use medicines to treat vitiligo

We often noticed that the vitiligo development closely related with some external use medicines such as liquid nitrogen mustard, white spots applicators and etc. Medicines can cause the contact dermatitis.

Some patient’s vitiligo area can expand and develop with the expand and the develop of the contact dermatitis.

First, in some conditions, some white spots masking fluid have certain stimulating effects to the skin and easy to cause the red, swell, pain and other symptoms. In fact, most of the patients with vitiligo received treatment in regular treatment in specialist vitiligo hospital can be cured finally. If only use some vitiligo masking fluids, the patients can only see some temperately and superficial treatment effects, have no much help to the vitiligo treatment. It just like covered their own eyes, that doses not a treatment for vitiligo.

Second, some vitiligo patients turn to hormones. We do not very support the vitiligo patients use these medicines. Although these medicines have quicker treatment effects and more easy to use, these kinds of medicine with strong side effects, according to long term clinical practices, we proved the disadvantages of this treatment already overweight it’s advantages.

These medicines can not get rid of it’s inhibit effects to the adrenal functions, if the patients long term use these medicines, it can make their body dependent on the medicines. The side effects of these medicines includes acne, acne rosacea, glaucoma, skin atrophy, purpura, bacterial infection, mycotic infection and other side effects. It can lead to the adrenal function inhibited and atrophy, that can finally influence the adrenal secretion function. If the patients stop using these medicines suddenly, it will make their vitiligo even harder to control. So vitiligo patients should carefully use these medicines.

Third is long term apply these medicines will increase the medicine resistance ability and decrease the efficacy of medicines they use or induce other negative reactions. It also can damage the vitiligo skin lesion structures and blood circulation structures and cause the vitiligo delayed. Vitiligo patients follow the advice of the doctors during their treatment period, they should avoid abruptly use the external use medicines.

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