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How Folk Prescriptions Affect Vitiligo Treatment

How folk prescription affect vitiligo treatmentNow the medical technology is more and more advanced, for the treatment of vitiligo need a process. With the continuous development of medical technology, the folk prescription for vitiligo also is increasing.

In order to treat vitiligo, many of the patients look for some folk prescription also using regular treatment meanwhile. Specialist reminds that many of the folk prescription are not based on science. So the patients must be very careful when using those folk prescriptions. Otherwise it may threaten the patient’s life. And we also must go to the standard hospital to treat their disease, incase their disease are become severe.

We must choose the right therapeutic methods, we know that many of the patients they want to get rid of this disease as soon as possible. So as they start to use medication blindly it causes the patients disease condition more severe, and makes the patients mind and body severely be affected.

Except the body health, we also need to pay more attention to their psychological problem. The specialist mention that the onset of the vitiligo is great related to the neural factors. Research found that 2/3 patients experienced mental trauma before the onset of this disease or the skin lesion expanding period. And over stress will lead to the disorder of the endocrine system, and further cause the skin condition worsen. It is significant for vitiligo patients have a good mentality and a optimistic mind.

We also found that many of the elder patients they suffer from vitiligo after they retired. Why is this so? Originally the majority of the elderly after retiring, psychological will have a lot of changes. It will lead to neurotransmitters and endocrine changes. These changes will inhibit the synthesis of the melanin. And the melancytes and the nerve cells are original from same isogenies. It derived from the leaf of embryonic neural crest. All in all, the best folk prescription is to relax the mind. It is very significant to cure vitiligo.

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