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The Best Season to Treat Vitiligo

The best season to treat vitiligoMany of the patients don’t know what to do after suffering from vitiligo? Whenever we see any of signs of vitiligo, we have to pay attention to it. And treat it as soon as possible. Even the vitiligo have a high incidence rate in summer, and the vitiligo will not easy to spread and rebound in autumn and winter, but it doesn’t mean that we can lower down the strength to treating this disease. Because of the vitiligo are stabilized in autumn, so it is the best reason for vitiligo patients’ treatment and recovery process by synthesizing all kinds of factors.

There are few reasons for this.

first that the sunshine is soft in winter and autumn compare with the summer and spring. So proper sunshine bath is benefit for the recovery of the vitiligo.

Secondly people are not easily get sweating in autumn and winter, medication effect will not be reduced because of the sweat. The absorption of drugs is better than summer, so the medication can Therefore, it is more conducive to the full use of drug.

Thirdly because the cloths can cover most of the white patches in summer and winter, it can reduce the patients psychological burden. Have a good mentality also is very important to the recovery of this disease.

Fourthly due to vitiligo is stabilized in summer and autumn, and the course of the treatment is short. The cost of treatment is relatively low.

In summer the whether become warm, and the irradiation of the UV ray also increase and the white patches spread faster.

According to the statistics data, the cure rate of vitiligo in autumn and winter is about 30% higher than that in summer. Thus in winter and autumn insist on the treatment are more easily to treat this disease completely at once, and it also can lower down the recurrence rate.

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