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Traditional Chinese Medicines for Vitiligo Treatment

vitiligo treatment The pathogenic site exist microcirculation disorder, which make nutrition elements can not be sent to various positions on skin areas. And melanophore can not get normal nourishment, thus affecting the melanophore’ normal development and metabolism. If you use traditional Chinese medicines to adjust body microcirculation, the side effect is relevant little. Therefore, doctors will set about treating vitiligo from improving subcutaneous microcirculation and activating epidermis melanin.

As for vitiligo, it is very necessary to treat vitiligo on the basis of traditional Chinese medicines and then strengthen comprehensive mental treatment. First of all, eliminate various bad stimulation factors, improve spirit state and bad living, working environment, keep good mentality, increase immunity function. Prevent and treat vitiligo early, persist on treatment, the effect will be good. When you treat your vitiligo, you still need to differ from different treatment causes. If you have microcirculation disorder, you should strengthen physical exercises and promote blood circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicines usually pay great attention to treatment based on syndrome differentiation and integral adjustment. Although vitiligo is on the epidermis, the root is at the internal organs. Therefore, we will apply traditional Chinese medicines to regulate internal body to get better treatment effect. Traditional Chinese medicines are not like western medicines that can play single effect, it can play various effect. Because traditional Chinese medicines have various medicines ingredients, the effect is not the same. And the medicines function can associate with each other together to avoid the side effect of single treatment. Traditional Chinese medicines attach importance to integral and partial relations hip. Adjust the whole body state has important significance to local lesions. And traditional Chinese medicines advocate treating both symptoms and root causes to avoid vitiligo relapsing. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicines have incomparable advantages on vitiligo treatment.

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