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Prevent Vitiligo for Patients

vitiligo prevention For women vitiligo patients, the pursuit for beauty is their nature. But undeniably, there are many bad influences to vitiligo patients, which leads to many vitiligo patients suffering from the destructive damage on self-abasement. And may also cause a series of mental diseases.

Vitiligo is a kind of acquired depigmentation, which is not infectious. But it will affect patients’ appearance, mentality, work, life and social life. Vitiligo usually occurs to people’ exposed areas, such as face, neck, and hands. Here are some methods to prevent the onset of vitiligo.

First, vitiligo patients should avoid strong sunlight, especially in spring and summer. In the sunlight, the ultraviolet ray has bilateral influences to vitiligo patients. If the ultraviolet ray is excessive, it will aggravate vitiligo patients’ condition. In spring summer, the sunlight is strong, vitiligo patients should do well in prevention work to avoid exposure.

Second, vitiligo patients should avoid trauma and touching phenol chemical. In clinic, there are many children vitiligo patients who get vitiligo because of trauma. And trauma can also lead to vitiligo relapsing. There are still further researches about the mechanism of trauma causing vitiligo. And phenol chemical is an important factor to lead to the onset of vitiligo on hands, especially patients who work with rubber and plastics.

Third, vitiligo patients should avoid large dose of vitamin C. Don’t eat too much food rich in vitamin C for long time.

Forth, isomorphic reaction. The local stimulation to skin can induce isomorphic reaction, such as surgery, trauma, press, friction and local infection. These factors will lead to local inflammation and white spots on trauma.

Fifth, vitiligo patients should eat more black food, such as black rice, black bean, black sesame and black fungus. Vitiligo diet is an important factor to prevent vitiligo. You should eat more beneficial foods and avoid wine and cigarette. Eat less seafood and stimulating food(mutton, fish, shrimps and etc). Eat more fresh vegetable and food. And eat some food containing plenty of copper elements.

Sixth, vitiligo patients should pay attention to the relationship between autoimmunity and vitiligo. Because some vitiligo patients get vitiligo at old age, there will be accompanied with specific self diseases, such as thyroid, pernicious anemia, diabetes and etc.

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