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Vitiligo Treatment Methods

vitiligo treatment methodsVitiligo is kind of common pigment skin disease, which is characterized by local and generalized depigmentation. It is a kind of acquired skin disease. The treatment methods are various. And phototherapy is kind of main therapy. But for many vitiligo patients, the treatment effect is not ideal.

First, external medicines treatment: Corticosteroids cream has better treatment effect to small areas depigmentation. It can combine with other treatment methods. Hormone can make skin atrophy and make skin at specific location generate striae atrophicae. Therefore, hormone should be used under the guidance of doctors. At present, Nerve phosphatase inhibitor of calmodulin tacrolimus has made great effect. And it does not have the side effect to human body. Patients can use it under the guidance of doctors.

Second, phototherapy: At present, 308 excimer laser treatment, narrow band UVB laser treatment, and phototherapy can be used to treat vitiligo. PUVA is a kind of photosensitizer psoralen, which can promote the generation of pigment. After using psoralen, the skin will be very sensitive to light, and the use specific ultraviolet ray UVA to irradiate skin. This method needs special equipments. If your lesion positions are very local, you can use local external psoralen. Generally, patients usually take psoralen orally. PUVA has good treatment on face, trunk, but the effect on hands and feet is bad. The treatment circle is at least one year, and twice a week. The application of PUVA should be under the guidance of doctors. The side effects are similar to sunburn reaction, if you use it for long period, there will be freckle appearing. And even increase the skin cancer rate. When you take psoralen, it can increase eyes’ sensitivity to light. Therefore, vitiligo patients should wear UVA all the day to prevent the generation of cataract. PUVA is not available to children under 12 years old, pregnant women.

Third, autologous epidermal transplantation: it will transplant normal skin to white spots area, which is suitable for patients whose vitiligo condition is stable. Transplantation positions’ pigment may not recover completely.

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