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Treat Vitiligo on Feet

vitiligo treatmentThe decrease of melanophore on skin will gradually cause the appearance of white spots. Vitiligo may appear on any positions on body, and vitiligo on feet is very common. If there is vitiligo on your feet, patients can use medicines treatment, oral medicines and external medicines combination, cooperated with naturopathy to alleviate your vitiligo condition. In stable period, vitiligo patients can do surgery to treat your vitiligo. Do well in prevention work and stop vitiligo spreading.

There are many reasons for vitiligo generation. The melanophore in internal body suffers from destruction will lead to the onset of vitiligo. And the lack for trace elements and inheritance may also be the reason of your vitiligo. Although vitiligo on feet will not affect your appearance, but it can spread. The damages are huge. If your vitiligo is on feet, how to achieve good treatment effect?

To avoid vitiligo spreading, you can timely use some medication treatment to stabilize your symptoms and prevent your vitiligo spreading. Use vitamin and medication containing copper and various immunosuppressor can effectively alleviate your condition. External medicines and oral medicines should be combined to use. If your white spots have abnormal symptoms, you can use corticosteroid hormone to treat it.

During the stable period, you can also try other treatment methods. Naturopathy is very common. It usually apply narrow band ultraviolet ray, long wave ultraviolet ray and 308 excimer laser treatment to effectively prevent vitiligo spreading. And decrease the areas of white spots. If your lesion areas are large, suggest you can use depigmentingoptions. But you need to go to normal hospital to get treatment.

If the white spots on your feet are during stables period without development, you can use autologous epidermal grafting.Surgery may not completely cure it. Vitiligo is also likely to spread. If your lesion areas are large, you should consider it carefully. After surgery, you should prevent infection.

If you want to control vitiligo, you must do prevention work. In daily life, don’t eat too much junk food. Don’t have food preference. On diet, don’t eat too much vitamin C. And don’t use too much cosmetic containing too much chemical substances. Learn about How to Treat Vitiligo on Hands

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