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How Can Treat Vitiligo Effectively

How we can treat vitiligo effectively Nowadays more and more people are suffering from vitiligo, and this disease also brought a lot of troubles to patient’s life. Vitiligo is a skin disease that characterized by losing of the melanin, and some of the patients skin will appear some white patches, it greatly affect the people’s life quality. So we have to know some of few points so that we can treat this disease effectively. And some of the disadvantages factors will bring some bad effects to the treatment.

Firstly combine the traditional Chinese treatment and western treatment. Now here are many hospitals advocate the comprehensive treatment, and the patients should choose the medication according their own vitiligo condition, and combine the internal treatment and external treatment. For those patients because of the psychological issues we can refer to the psychologist, and during the treatment period, try not to let the patient exposure under the sunlight long time. The patients also can go to have a regular exercise, and have an optimistic mind.

Secondly we also can choose the medication according to the patient’s vitiligo condition. The vitiligo can be divide two different conditions, one is the white spot completely depigmentation, the other one is white spot incompletely depigmentation. And the completely white patches look like pure white and porcelain white. And it will loss the ability to produce the melanin, and usually take medication internally and apply the cream is no-effective. Some Incompletely white patches have some pigment, and the melancytes amount is less on that part, but patients still have ability to produce the melanin. And under this situation, the patients need to choose the right treatment. So it is very important to treat the patient’s vitiligo according their vitiligo condition.

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