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How to Prevent Vitiligo Relapsing in Spring

prevent vitiligo relapsing in springWhy vitiligo is easy to relapse? It in mainly included to two aspects: internal body and external environment. On the one hand, when vitiligo treatment has not been recovered completely, the skin metabolism ‘wake up’, the body cells are active. And microcirculation acceleration will lead to the hyperfunction of melanophore. The appearances are as follows: First, the important substance tyrosinase to synthesize melanin is not sufficient and there will be white spots generating. Second, melanophore is consumed excessively and drop down hastily. It is hard to supplement the melanin necessary for skin.

On the other hands, in spring, ultraviolet ray is strong. Skin damage will easily arouse isomorphic reaction. At the same time, bacterial reproduction is rapid. When the skin can not resist external damages, it will aggravate the generation of white spots.

In spring, because if season changes, daytime is much longer and the night time is much shorter. And there are many children usually staying up too late, which leads to their body immunity be affected. And the hormone secretion will be disordered, thus leading to the normal function of melanophore be influenced. Therefore, vitiligo patients should pay attention to sleeping quantity. And it is better to have a noon break.

In peacetime, vitiligo patients can eat more foods containing tyrosine and mineral substance, such as meat(beef, rabbit, pig lean meat), animal livers, egg, milk, vegetables, carrot, eggplant, agaric, kelp, bean, peanut, black sesame, walnut, raisin and etc. At the same time, vitiligo patients should not eat pepper, wine, tomato(because it contains too much vitamin C). We know vitamin C can break off the synthesis of melanin, thus stopping the regeneration of melanin at lesion positions. About other foods, such as grapefruit, hawthorn, cherry, kiwi fruits, strawberry, waxberry and etc, you should try to eat less.

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