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The Vitiligo Have a Great Harm

The vitiligo have a great harm With the development of society and technology, nowadays more and more patients suffering from vitiligo. We all known that the famous director Mr Feng is a patient with vitiligo, and many patients would think even the Mr Feng can not cure his diseass, but in fact its not true. For this disease is closely related to the daily diet and the polluted environment or mental stress and some internal blood factors imbalanced.

Vitiligo is a skin disease, and when it appear on the exposure part of our body, especially in summer, and patients can not wear short sleeve, on the other hand, some patients may have a low self esteem, and they are afraid of others looking at them strangely, sometimes their skin are easily to get damaged under the sunburn, but for vitiligo patients should listen to the specialist’s suggestion, and don’t treat their disease blindly.

The medical research confirmed that vitiligo patients is much more easily to have skin cancer than the normal people, if didn’t seek for timely treatment, it will cause the white patches spread more aggressively, it may accompanied with some contraindications such as diabetes, and some path physiological changes organs. Loss of the pigment may involved iris, cause pigment reducing and further leading some eyes problem and cause patient leading catarat.

Vitiligo patients also have a large influence to the patient impression, and some of the patients exposure part also have some white patches, such as the hands and face, so it severely affect the patient’s occupation and the relationship with their family friends. It causes a heavy psychological burden to the patients, especially from description from society.

In Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital, we have different advanced technologies, but also our experts are very experienced, they treat this disease not only to repair the skin surface, they think this disease is related to the internal of our blood, so after they finding out the real cause by doing some examination. What we need to do is to treat this disease positively.

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