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How to Treat Acra Type Vitiligo

How to treat acra type vitiligoAcra type of vitiligo’s treatment based on different period development of this disease, and must not use the medicine randomly. We are major treating this disease from internally, and adjust the immunity function of the mechanism, and neuro endocrine system function. Meanwhile treating other disease, such as thyroid problem, diabetes, liver disease. We should not choose the blazing sun to irritate the melancytes, in case aggravating melancytes loading. At the same time, we also should not apply some intense irritant medication, prevent irritating the local part skin, damage the melancytes, worsen immunity disorder, lead white patches expanding, spreading.

Acra type vitiligo patients should keep a good mentality meanwhile, this type of vitiligo are rather stubborn to treat. The extremities tip can not absorb the medication fully, because of the extremities are far from heart. So the treatment effect appear slowly compare the localized vitiligo type. So the patients with this vitiligo types are easily to feel anxiety, impatience. So we should pay attention to the patient’s psychology, make the patients know this disease well.

1) White patches distribution, white patches distribute in a symmetry way, and there are also many cases about some patients their vitiligo are arranged along nerves segmental. Exclude the skin lesion part, it may also in terms of mucous membrane.

2) Lesion manifestation, the skin lesion localized area loss of the pigment, the white patches present on milk white, and the hair also will turn to white or remain normal. The white patches part skin is easily to get irritated, due to lack of protecting of the pigment. It will lead to burn sensation or red patches or blister after sunburn. White patches can confine in certain part of body or distribute in a certain nerves segment, most of the cases are gradually expanding and spreading to the whole body.

3) White patches color, The degree of depigmentation are various among acra vitiligo type patients. The depigmentation level related to the body part, it may shows three different colors like white, grey, nearly normal skin color as various depigmentation level.

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