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How to Remove Vitiligo on Hands

How to remove vitiligo on handsVitiligo is a primary limited or generalized depigmentation skin disease, it is due to tyrosinase function decline at skin layer and hair follicle. Skin lesion are various size, shapes, all part of body may appear white patches, the edge is clear for white patches, and pigment is deeper at edge, the hair follicle become white on inside of white patches.

When the vitiligo is on hands, it has a great impact to the patient’s life. So it is very urgent to cure the vitiligo on hands. It is a key point makes good medical measures. The patients should not touch some irritant substance. It will stimulate the sensitive nerves on hands.

We suggest patient go to the standard specialized vitiligo hospital. There treatment effects is good, but also the specialist can choose different for the patients, but the specialist will make a treatment plan for the patients. The patients can put their heart in stomachs, because the therapies that they used most fit for patients. It also will acquire good effect.

308 laser therapy to treat vitiligo, by using 308nm excimer light irradiate on the white patches stimulate the secretion of the hormones underlying skin, but also improve the activity of the melancytes, increase the amount of the melancytes. It will reach the aim to treating vitiligo.

The external trauma will cause vitiligo on hands, Traumatic vitiligo is an acquired, generalized skin pigmentation disease, and it also is a common skin disease that affects the people’s beauty. It is easily to diagnose but hard to cure. It is called traumatic vitiligo induced by the trauma, surgery or scratch.

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