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Natural Therapy to Prevent Vitiligo Expansion

Natural Therapy to Prevent Vitiligo Expansion,Vitiligo The vitiligo can attack any areas of patient’s body, and some patients’ condition is stable. The white spots on located into some areas for decade years. While some the other patients with active vitiligo, and the early stage, the white patches can spread to many areas in 3-5 months.

The specialist treatments and medication are quit necessary. But we should also pay attention to the lifestyle. The more attention you pay, the better condition you have.

About sunlight, some patients get vitiligo for the sun burn. The over exposure in sunlight when they in holiday. Then the vitiligo occurs on their body. But that doesn’t mean vitiligo should not have sunlight. The proper amount of sunlight is good for vitiligo, and there is also liquid medicine used for skin surface before the sunlight. The treatment effects are much better than only the medicine usage.

About the diets, there are some of the foods you should avoid, especially the vitamin c fruits. What kinds of fruits are rich of vitamin C? There are some types of fruits you should avoid. Lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberry, kivi are not good for you. The banana, pear, and watermelon are ok for you, so you can eat them. The vitiligo is color loss, the skin turns white, you can eat some deep color seeds and nuts that are helpful for your vitiligo.

And the vitiligo patients usually show a low level of cupper oin and zinc oin. So you can eat more foods that are rich of trance elements. If you can eat meat, you can eat the animal liver and kidney.

Pressure is not good for you. And in clinic cases, the patients who suffered great pressure, then the white spots can spread. While the people who have a easy mood, the condition is relative stable.

A irregular lifestyle can worsen vitiligo, especially stay up too late. You should have a regular life style and keep practice normally. Vitiligo is a auto-immune disorder, the overactive immune system is a key problem. So we need adjust the patients’ immune system.

If you still have any problem about vitiligo, you can send to casuhospital@hotmail.com and you can also consult our online doctor for help. No matter the natural therapy or the specialist treatments that all are necessary and significant for vitiligo patients.

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