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Can Vitiligo be Cured in Early Stages

Can vitiligo be cured in early stages

The main symptoms for this disease are skin become white color. The external expression for this disease looks circle shape or irregular depigmentation patches. The white area skin is smooth, no scales. The boundaries are clear. The pigment is deep at the margin of the white patches.

The vitiligo is more easily to treat at early stage, the early stage melancytes haven’t disappeared completely. There are still have some normal function melancytes internal skin tissue, if the patient seek for treatment early, under the treatment, the dead melancytes can be restored function soon. Skin color also will be easily to return back. On the other hand. It is important to remove the inducing factors of this disease, and treat it according the patient’s own condition.

We don’t suggest patient use the medicine blindly, it will not show some effect, but also may worsen this disease missing the best the stages to treat vitiligo. We suggest the patients go to the standard hospital.

At the standard vitiligo hospital, the doctor will do some examination first. Such as the confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM ) test, this is a test to exam the underlying tissue melancytes. There also have the wood lamp test, This lamp can see the white patches that you can not see in eyes. The doctor also can check how is your immunity, and the microelement status.

The examination is very important for the doctor to make the accurate therapy planning for every patient.

Sometimes the patient uses the medicine blindly, but it will cause the vitiligo become more severe. Because some medication will irritate the skin and accompanied a severe side effect, some people they don’t know if the white patches are vitiligo. They did not pay attention to that. Finally the white patches will spread to other part of body.

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