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Latest Treatment for Vitiligo Disease

Latest treatment for vitiligo diseaseVitiligo is a very common skin pigment skin disease, the vitiligo is characterized by lose of the pigment at the localized or generalized body. It can divide two major types based on the symptoms which are non-segmental and segmental type vitiligo. Vitiligo most can integrate together become to the irregular large patches, then spreading through out the whole body, then what is the latest treatment for vitiligo treatment?

Firstly we have to diagnose this disease first, the generalized vitiligo have a treatment process, during treating generalized vitiligo type, we have to do a good job at the diagnose part, then make a therapeutic plan conduct the treatment. We know that different patients have to be treat according their vitiligo types, the investigation result. We suggest patients don’t treat the generalized vitiligo blindly, in case the it can worsen the vitiligo condition. No matter which kind of disease we treat, we need to find out the real causing factors by doing some investigation. Such as the wood lamp test, and immunity function test, and microelement test thyroid function test. So the doctor can treat this disease targeted.

Secondly, the patients have to seek for treatment in the standard hospital. They should not believe the some folk remedies or quack tricks. If the patients didn’t have a systemic examination at standard specialized hospital, they use the medication blindly cause the resistance to the drug after a long time. Finally it will cause the vitiligo very hard to cure even after a long time treatment.

Thirdly, the patients can apply the authorized therapy to treat this disease, in treating vitiligo we can apply some authorized therapeutic methods according the suggestion of the expert. The specialist said the patients must go to the standard vitiligo hospital to seek for treatment. The specialist vitiligo hospital has accurate and complete diagnostic equipment, it put a lot of manpower and material resources in the treatment of vitiligo, can give patient maximum guarantee.

On the other hand, the treatment methods and medication chosen are various according to the patient’s pathogenesis, inducing factors, clinic disease type. The treatment effect also is different. So far in our hospital we combine the traditional Chinese medicine and western medical, localized and holistic therapy. Because of the vitiligo is quite complicated, single method doesn’t have a good effect to cure this disease. After many years research, we found that combine with different methods is the best way to cure this disease.

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