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The principles to treat early vitiligo

The principles to treat early vitiligoFor early stage white patches, there are still remaining incomplete destroyed melancytes underlying skin tissues. We have to treat it at early stage, so that the skin color can be restored soon. If the disease course more than one year, the treatment course will be needed more time.

For those patients who have this disease for many years, it would be more difficulty to treat. Treatment principles about to different vitiligo developing stags, vitiligo can be divided into stabilized stage and developing stage. The doctor will recognize the vitiligo stage first, then make a therapy planning for the patient. For the developing stage the doctor major target to treat from internally, not choose to use the intense sunlight. For the stabilized vitiligo, major using the external medicine and combine with the phototherapy.

Comprehensive treatment principle, the causing of this disease is very complicated, any of the single methods is very limited to treat this disease, but also the single therapy take a long time to treat this disease, at the same time the cure rate is lower compare combining the various therapies. That’s the reason why we use the comprehensive therapeutic methods to treat this disease. There is no doubt combing the traditional Chinese medicine and western medical are more effective than use the western medicines.

In conclusion, the specialist remained that vitiligo patients should treat this disease at early stage, incase it spread through the whole body, in addition vitiligo patients should have a health diet, such as avoid consuming too much vitamin C, spicy food, and some seafood.

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