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Photochemical Therapy to Treat Vitiligo

Photochemical therapy to treat vitiligoWhen the patients to use the phototherapy to treat vitiligo. What shall they pay attention to? The occurrence of vitiligo is due to the destroyed of epidermis melancytes, but the remaining melanin survive inside the bulb. As a result, after irritated by UVA therapy, the melancytes will start to regenerate at the melancytes of hair bulb parts, the melanin will transfer to the infundibularis part. Finally the melanin will spread to the nearby keratin cells. At clinic we also can see that the pigment always appear on the surrounding of hair follicle after PUVA treatment.

PUVA therapy can activate the melancytes and make it divide. So that accelerates the melancytes synthesis. It can promote the transformation the remaining melanocytes from the reduced form to the oxidized form, facilitate melancytes spreading, it also can make the local skin get inflamed and destruction of sulfhydryl compounds under skin, activate the activity of the tyrosinase, catalyze the synthesis of the melanin, inhibit the immunity reaction by inhibiting the pathological T lymphocytes and cell proliferation of langerhans. Reduce the amount of the langerhans and function as well.

On the other hands, we need to take note some aspects when we applying photochemical therapy. 1. Pay attention to eye protection and wear the glasses to prevent the UV light. 2. Non-lesion part should be covered by opaque materials. 3. Protect the skin exposure to sun light. The patients should avoid sun light after taking psoralen eight hours, and covered with clothes or broad-spectrum sunscreen such as benzene ketone, etc. 4. Have a regular three routine test, liver, kidney function, eye examination. 5. Avoiding using some photosensitive drugs, such as sulfanilamide, sulfur, acyl urea, consult, phenothiazine and tetracycline derivatives, etc.

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