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Sunbath Advice For Vitiligo Patient

Vitiligo patients always worried about exposure under sun, but actually appropriate sunbath can help vitiligo patient for their treatment. Human body can advanced metabolism by taking sun radiation, enhance antiviral ability, it is one of effectively bath to make human body more health. It will increase melanophore cell volume inside skin, enhance the activity of tyrosinase,and increase the amount of melanophore, and one kind of biochemistry reaction during the skin lesions after exposure to sunshine directly could strengthen the ability of melanophore cell, which lead to compound more melanin, after exposure to the ultraviolet ray in the sunshine, so sunbath is ideal for patient with vitiligo. Doing sunbath during summer and autumn, should pay attention to the time and duration as less as it can, for preventing high exposure lead to skin infection and deteriorated illness. On the contrary, by spring and winter, could add some time for affect, but should care about getting cold.

And after vitiligo patient sunbath should also take a good shower, shower can relieve fatigue, clam mind, and increase blood circulation. Otherwise, a good shower could moisturize the skin and enhance skin's elasticity, advance out put medicine to infiltrated and absorb. Shower can not only make skin clean, but also could increase body immune ability, but wrong shower could damage skin, or even induce and aggravate some skin disease. Suggest take per day or take it every other day, or based on weather change add few more time or decrease it, water temperature should be suitable for body, after shampoo should wash it with clean water, after dry it put some medicine can make good affect. But vitiligo patient during evolution stage should be gently to their skin, and reduce shower time to avoiding isomorphic reaction. And one more, forbid shampoo with brightening agent.

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