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How Long it Take to Cure Vitiligo

How long take to cure vitiligoVitiligo is a long term skin disease, even though it has a less damage to the body, but it is quite hard to completely cure, and easily to rebound again. Although the patients will not either feel pain or itches, but it major affect the people’s beauty, so it brings a lot of psychological stress and sufferings. Thus what the people most worried about is the treatment process, how long the patient can see the obvious effect, how long it can be cured? Thus, how long it take to cure this disease in fact?

Here are six factors affect the vitiligo cure process

1. lesion area size

When the lesion part just as small as the nail or rice grains, it distribute like small spot. It might take about three to ten months to cure. When the vitiligo area is same size as the palm, it usually takes about eight to fourth month to cure. When vitiligo part is as large as two to three palm’s size, it may takes about ten to sixteen months to cure. but for those vitiligo is distribute on the whole body, it may take about two to four years to cure. The cure time is depending by many factors, such as the patient’s daily life hobbit, emotion, whether follow the doctor’s instruction strictly or not, and the vitiligo’s stage.

2. The lesion part

The treatment are more effective at facial area, the facial part are easily restore skin color. Next color restored part would be head, cervical area, back, chest, hands and feet, last would be mucous membrane pare. Extremities and mucous membrane part are longer. Eyebrow are easily to restore to normal color than eyelash.

3. Onset of vitiligo

If the patient’s vitiligo is within three months, it roughly takes three to ten month to cure, average time would be seven months. When the o

The onset time was 4 months -3 years for patients, it needs to recover from six months to 2 years. for those patients vitiligo is more than four years, it takes about one to four years to cure. the average would be two years.

Besides the factors that I mention on above, the treatment time also depending on the age, and individual difference, and vitiligo type.

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