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Be In Good Mood Can Be Positive To Vitiligo Patient

Vitiligo patient don’t suffered from body physical pain, but emotionally cause different painful feeling. Some people they don’t know about this disease, and they give different look for vitiligo patient, which make people feel uncomfortable, especially for vitiligo patient. Most people feeling upset when they find them self got vitiligo, because of it is a stubborn disease and hard to treat, many patient tried some medicine and not working, they start to feel anxious and unrest. Few patient become more aggressive that why they got this kind of disease and stop the treatment, which is not right.

Vitiligo patient should be positive about this disease, they need to trust that they can cure vitiligo, and start treatment. There are some patient they don’t trust hospital, insist that they can treat vitiligo them self and missed the best treatment time, usually after that not working at all, finally them come to hospital to take treatment, which waste lot of time. After all, hospital is the most professional organization to treat patient. Otherwise, be in good mood also can help vitiligo patient treatment, this is based on scientific study.

Why be in good mood can help vitiligo patient treatment? Vitiligo can caused by immune system unfunction, and disorder of thyroid function, and emotion can influence vitiligo evolution by adjust body immune system and endocrine system, so either negative or positive attitude can affect the level of hormone. Positive emotion can do advantage to balance the hormone which enhance body immunity. On the contrary, negative emotion can lead to endocrinopathy and disorder of body function, those can induce illness deterioration. And most annoying thing about vitiligo is that it can diffusion to other part of body, so keep in good mood can help patient treat vitiligo.

So vitiligo patient should communicate with their family member and their friend more, which will be easy for them to keep in good mood, and also some exercise will help.

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