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How to Cope With Vitiligo

How to cope with vitiligo Vitiligo is the color loss of skin that can occur any area of vitiligo patients body. When the neck color loss shows on neck, it is called as the neck vitiligo based on the attack area. You can have a accurate test from wood lamp, blood, urine test report, etc.

The initial treatments of light neck vitiligo can use some oral medicine and external creams, which will show some effects, but normally that medicine or cream can only stimulate skin to produce melanin of local white spots. The disadvantage is that the effects are temporary, and there will show some side effects when you have used long term.

UV light, Phototherapy, and laser therapy are also common treatments for people with vitiligo. When the condition is relative severe, then your doctor may advice you to use those light treatments. The effects usually will have a response of the stimulation of light.

The white spot has 4 degree, the initial stage is light white, the second stage is cloud white, the third stage is milk white, the fourth stage is the porcelain white the skin is smooth with skin veins and the skin has lost the normal skin function to protect our systems.

So the further stage vitiligo may no response with cream, and external or internal treatments and the light therapy can neither reaction. In this situation, the doctor may advise you to keep the vitiligo condition is a stable stage, then make a skin grafting that is a melanin planting or surgery for vitiligo patient. The stable condition should keep 3-6 months, no new white spots occur, and then the patient can get this treatment.

Some herb medicines are also available for vitiligo patients to adjust the immune system, metabolism. The underneath skin immune system disorder is a big problem for vitiligo patients, if you can remove the blood causes and prevent the reoccurrence of the blood causes, then we can have a long term treatments effect and effectively prevent it. The herb medicines are safe and without side effects. But it is adjust the body so it takes a relative longer time to show effects compared to the western medication, laser and cream.

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