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What are the Best Methods to Treat Vitiligo?

What are the best methods to treat vitiligo

So far there are not certain therapeutic methods can cure all various vitiligo types, along the developing of the medical science, more and more advanced therapeutic methods arise. Now the most common ways is PUVA therapy, and phototherapy narrow UVB therapies, 308 excimer laser therapy, 304 nano high-energy ultraviolet (uv) light therapy, nitrogen mustard ethanol, surgical treatment (autologous epidermal grafting, melanin cell culture grafting), external hormone creams, and immune regulator tacrolimus.

For all this treatment mainly focus on to treat this disease from externally, didn’t focus on the internal blood environment. This is one of disadvantages for most of the therapies.

The hospital have founded 10 years, it has its own system to help the vitiligo patients to get rid of this disease.

Such as we believe that for skin disease, the symptoms show on external of the body, but the internal cause is internal body.

The treatment would not only using the creams or some UVB therapy. They emphysis on the internal treatment, before that the specilist need to do some examination before make any therapy plan for patients.The therapy would be made based on the specilist judgement and examination results.The internal treatment consisit of the traditional Chinese medicine, and light derivitive therapy, and medicine bath therapy, steam therapy etc.

In additional, some of patients worried about that vitiligo will past to next generation, by the way vitiligo belong to autoimmune disease not a genetic disease, but some people with vitiligo are related to the genetic factor. But the onset vitiligo need to be stimulated by the environment factors. even though the vitiligo related to the genetic factors, but we should aware of that it has a low inherited rate compare with some high risk disease, such as the primary hypertension, the heritability is 62%, gastric ulcer heritability is 37%, diabetes mellitus is 75%, bronchial asthma heritability is 80%.

So in daily life as long as the patients can have a health life, avoid external environment stimulus. what's more seek for the professional hospital. don't use the medicine blindly.

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