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How to Remove the Vitiligo

How to remove the vitiligoHere are few methods for the vitiligo patients such as the phototherapy, photochemical therapy, NBUVB therapy, 308nm excimer laser therapy.

What is the phototherapy to treat vitiligo? Vitiligo phototherapy mainly refers to ultraviolet light therapy, the ultraviolet light therapy include the PUVA therapy, NBUVB, 304nm high energy ultraviolet light, 308nm excimer, 308nm light therapy.

What is the photochemical therapy? (PUVA therapy)

The abbreviation for photochemical therapy is called PUVA therapy, it refers to the topical or oral photosensitizer after long wave ultraviolet irradiation. It is more effective for the localized and segmental vitiligo patients. The commonly used photosensitizer is 8 methoxy psoralen (8MOP). The course of treatment is long, usually need 100~300 times to achieve the desired effect, but if after the 30 times treatment is still no obvious pigmentation, you should stop the treatment. Oral therapy is generally take the 8 MOP( 8methoxy psoralen) 1 ~ 2 hours before irradiation, UVA irradiation for weekly 2 ~ 3 times. Approximately 50% of patients responded well to the treatment. The treatment response on the face and trunk is better than extremities, but the patients should watch out to the side effect of the oral 8 MOP treatment and avoid the sunlight.

What is the NBUVB therapy?

The abbreviation for NBUVB is Narrow Band Ultraviolet therapy, and the narrow band UVB does not need to be coordinated with oral 8MOP. The UVB therapy equipment including of the whole bin, half bin, folding, foot and hands, hand-held lamp that is suitable for the different vitiligo sites. Due to the therapeutic cost is cheap, so it is wildly used at home and abroad. These therapeutic methods would be 2-3 times per week, the number of treatments ranged from ten times to over a hundred times.

What is the 308nm excimer laser therapy?

The 308 excimer laser therapies generate 308nm ultraviolet laser light under chloride. Novak studies found that 308nm excimer laser therapy can promote the T lymphocytes apoptosis. The therapeutic effect is very obvious than the narrow band UV ray. 308nm laser therapy targets the white patches directly. It has the advantages of high energy, high curative effect, convenience, safety and rapid onset of action, and the course of treatment is obviously shortened compared with the NBUVB treatment. It is because of the expensive instruments and the high cost of treatment, only a small number of hospitals have carried out the treatment.

I believe now the reader has the brief idea about common therapies to treat vitiligo, above all, the patients should not delay the best treatment time.

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