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How to Get the Best Therapeutic Effect in Treating Vitiligo?

How to get the best therapeutic effect in treating vitiligoThe daily life care is very important for patients. As we all know that, the vitiligo is a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches.

Firstly the patients should receive appropriate sunshine, the ultraviolet ray promote the pigment metabolic process. So it has a therapeutic effect for the patients to receive the sunlight. There are some problems for the synthesis of the melancytes at the hair follicle due to the genetic factors, immunity function disorder, and other factors. For the UV ray can promote the melancytes metabolic process, make the melancytes transfer to the deep skin layer. It will help the patient skin color return. However we don’t suggest patient stand too long under the sunlight especially at noon time. This is because of the too much metabolic waste will inhibit the melanin synthesis.

Secondly it is vital for vitiligo patients to have a balanced diet. sometimes when their daily diet are lack of the tyrosine which will inhibit the synthesis of melanin. So the vitiligo patients should take such food that is enriched of the tyrosine, ion, zinc, such as all kinds of animal internal organs, milk, towel gourd, eggplant, carrots and other fresh vegetables and soy products.

Thirdly have an optimistic mood, sometimes the mental stress can trigger vitiligo. Thus the patients should avoid external environment stimulants. Because of such emotions have a great impact to the patient’s neurological function, such as anxiety, fearful, and pessimism.

Fourthly restore the skin color first. If vitiligo stopped spreading, it is relatively easier to restore the color. Restore color treatment can via some large scale medical equipment and some external application medicines to promote the regeneration of melanophore and restore the color of surface skin. But avoid using purely large dosage laser, phototherapy, external application medicines to cause the second damage to the skin.

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