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311 Narrow-spectrum UVB Therapeutic Apparatus to Treat Vitiligo

311 narrow-spectrum UVB therapeutic apparatusOur hospital import the UVB therapeutic apparatus from Germany, it has been strictly verified by many different countries skin organization. It has acquired a highly treatment evaluation at international. The 311 narrow-spectrum aim to treat various skin disease, it is reliable, and safe. It has been applied popularize on Europe, American Etc.

The 311 narrow-spectrum is one of the new type of treating technology, it irradiate skin lesion part under certain wave range. Than the skin will response in photochemical reaction or immunity regulation reaction etc. So it will reach the aim to treat certain stubborn skin disease.

The 311 narrow-spectrum lucidoscope figure out over irradiation problem under certain UV ray treatment, it not only makes he patient fully receive the dosage from the 311 to 312 nm.This range of the light is the most beneficial range to human body. Meantime the UVB treatment no needs to take other ancillary drugs, and avoid some side effects that some photosensitive drugs brought in the traditional PUVA therapeutic treatment.

Traditional wide spectrum of UVB light can emit wave range from 280 to 330nm. The clinic research indicates that less than 300 nm waves can lead to the severe burning to the human body, it also may increase the risk of suffering from the skin cancer. The 311-311 narrow spectrum UVB emitted by the 311 narrow spectrums are thought to be the most safe and effective.

If the vitiligo patients want to get a effective result, they have to know the patient’s vitiligo condition first. Though vitiligo looks like similar, but the symptoms not completely same. The cause would be different when the vitiligo’s stage is different. The types of vitiligo also are various, so the treatment would be different. So in order to treat this disease, we have to know the patient’s vitiligo type, and some of the internal cause, make a compressive therapy plan for the patients.

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