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Can You Stop Vitiligo From Spreading

Many vitiligo patients not willing to see their vitiligo expanded gradually and will try their best to care and treat their vitiligo. But with the delay of their vitiligo, the vitiligo in their skin have the tendency to increased and expanded. The treatment of vitiligo not only need the patients positively cooperated with the clinical treatment but also need the patients pay attention to some care ways in their daily life to prevent the vitiligo expanded. The specific ways you can refer to the introduction of Beijing TCM Vitiligo hospital:

1. Avert External Stimuli

Vitiligo patients needs to pay special attention to their skin care in their daily life, prevent all negative external stimuli. We suggest the patients choose loose clothing and shoes to avoid skin damage by friction. In addition to this, do the daily sun care to prevent the over exposure to the sunlight is the best way to prevent vitiligo from spreading.

2. Do Not Abuse Drugs Without Authorization

In the vitiligo treatment process the last thing you should do is drug abuse without authorization, this wrong way not only can not help the recovery of vitiligo but also easily lead to the expand of lesion area and finally worsen the disease, increase the difficulty of therapeutic treatment.

3. Set Up a Good Life Style

A regular routine and reasonable diet is the correct life style that vitiligo patients need to set up. To adjust their regularity of biological clock can effectively prevent vitiligo spreading and help the treatment and recovery of the vitiligo.

4. Mental Care

The vitiligo patients need to receive the help from others in this aspect, especially the people surrounded them need to help the vitiligo patients participate in various activities and help them to communicate with others, give them enough love is very helpful to their disease, in addition to this vitiligo patients themselves need to cultivate their own interests and hobbies, learn some relative knowledge and so on.

5. Neutralize Emotions

Keep a cheerful, open minded mood, avert negative emotions like anxiety, impatience, strain in brain, mental tension,depression and so on. Otherwise this negative emotions will spur the development of your disease. Try to alternate work with rest, avert over tired.

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6. Avoid the Contact With Chemical Materials

Reduce the use of some harmful chemicals products, materials and the intake of some harmful chemical food. The female vitiligo patients needs to try to avoid the use of the cosmetics.

7. Skin Lesions

Many people once suffered from some skin lesions, it will occur in your life with less attention. Touch with some sharp articles and get some injuries all this will make the skin appear some splits damage to the skin melanin cells and main neural structures and finally leads to the melanin synthesis have problems, after the would is healing there are often appear some white spots in there, if it mishandled will lead to the expand of vitiligo.

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