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A Few Talking About Chinese Traditional Medical Treat Vitiligo


The illness part is occur on the skin, and can happened everywhere around body,single part usually not big, only with medicine is hard to fully cure, and it will take some time to treat, but external treatment can reach the injured part, simple, curative effect is fast. Especially with the modern medical research with the reaction of Chinese medicine that used to treat vitiligo, there are some big improvement for Chinese medicine external therapy. Less side affect, outstanding treatment affect, the mainly preparations tincture,infusion, pulvis, mastic,etc.

The Chinese medicine mainly used the principle of dispelling wind and eliminating dampness, nourishing lever and kindey and increasing blood circulation, those medicine have the function that active the tyrosinase function. The Chinese medicine used for vitiligo treatment have the below feature:

1.The use of traditional Chinese medicine has no side effect to human body, the advantages of high concentration, activate blood, solve human melanin gradually lost life.Fundamentally stop the spread of the white spot, have the curative effect of healing.

2. It’s spread to auxiliary cure,modifying Chi and blood, relaxes the muscles, comprehensive functions of adjusting human body's balance of Yin and Yang, enhance immune function, reach the body blood circulation, repair the damaged skin white spot.

3.The advantage of TCM in the treatment of vitiligo, using internal and external conditioning, drug treatment to eliminate the damage to the body, the western medicine treatment efficacy and to strengthen the drug in the body, the liver and qi, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, enhance the body's own repair function of melanin.

4. The formula science, efficacy of comprehensive.Can be lost completely cut off melanin, eliminate, the two-way regulating the body's immune at the same time, increase the resistance, any, from the traditional treatment - recurrence - again - a vicious cycle of relapse again.

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