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Homopathy Cannot Be Used For Vitiligo Treatment

International opinion about homeopathy for vitiligo is that it is not a accepted treatment for all kinds of patients.David Cochran, the professor of pharmacology at university of London published a essay that questioned homeopathy on July 27, 2006 in the Nature.He thinks, homeopathy is just playing digital games.Oxford University has been run some experiments about homeopathy, but the result of the experiment cannot be satisfactory.c

The truth is, take one kind of medicine, remove one milliliter (concentrate), drops to 1 litre, blending, diluted 1000 times.Again take out 1 ml, drops to 1 litre, blending, diluted 10 power 6 times.Continuous dilution, so spend a few minutes in total, for 8 times in a row, the last time only add 100 ml water, 100 ml can gain "fluid" that protect liver, every 30 ml price 1000 yuan!If you don't abandon all of diluent, all as "fluid" that protect liver, theoretically you with 1 ml of 23 power concentrate can get 10 ml of "fluid" that protect liver.There is water, the cost of the original 1 pill cost and labor cost is negligible.This is not the most spectacular.Homeopathy is a drug that is to put a small piece of duck liver or duck heart tissue diluted 10 400 times.This kind of "drugs" was $20 million in annual sales in the United States, and with a duck can satisfy the demands of all raw materials.

Oxford University website showed a demonstration results of homeopathy in 2003, found with this kind of therapy in the treatment of some frequent headaches patients did not have very good effect.6 patients treated with homeopathy, whose people was perennial harassed by headache, but in an experiment with homeopathy after a period of time, the headache problem did not ease. And still no scientist can complete to homeopathic treatment effect is presented reasonable explanation.The U.S. food and drug administration, the management of homeopathy is also from loose to tight, from over-the-counter planning to prescription drugs in 1978, and must be delivered on or before the sale of food and drug administration for inspection to ensure the safety of it.On the other hand, the world health organization (WHO) warned that homeopathy is not a sure treatment. For some patients in developing countries, there are life-threatening indeed.

In June 2009, "the voice of the young scientists network" group my voice to the world health organization, shows that "should not be advocated to homeopathic treatment tuberculosis, infantile diarrhea, influenza, the diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS".The doctors from the United Kingdom, Africa with their service experience of country side,they thought that "homeopathy does not make the patient survived, because they didn't use the right treatment and lost their life".

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