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The Connection Between Vitiligo And Microelement


The human body contain lots of microelement,not only involved in enzyme catalysis function of the enzyme system,but also the part of physiological function that maintain the whole body work. Some of the microelement are not part of the enzyme active part, but the necessary constituent of which maintain the enzyme molecule activity structure, it’s the indispensable of human body system. And there are two meaning about the balance of microelement inside human body, first is the percentage of the element should be proper,other one is that every element should have a suitable ratio in order to coordination work.So patient should be careful about the dosage when they add some element.

According to the scientist measure and lots of article report, the percentage of copper and zinc in the body system or skin tissue is lower than the normal person. And they find out the active of the copper oxide in the serum is clearly decreasing when they measuring it, so the insufficient of the copper or lack of it may be one of the reason that trigger the classification vitiligo. Study also shows that some metal ion have different influence to the rate that product hydrogen peroxide during the process of melanophore self oxidation. So there maybe two microelement linked to vitiligo:first, effect the analysis of the melanophore, second, effect the self oxidation of the melanophore.

Although some vitiligo patient have the symptom of the amount of microelement is lower than the normal number, but after patient supply some element they were short of, most of they don’t have straight reaction. Which means, the lack of microelement is not the main reason lead to vitiligo, could be secondary or accompanied. So vitiligo patient should not absorb element blindly, go to a professional hospital is the right way to treat disease.Other, the vitiligo patient should supply some copper and iron in daily life, and no spicy food, and food easily to cause allergy,Should eat some more nuts,beans, milk product,and if patient strengthen the diet adjust,balance nutrition, it can prevent vitiligo partly.

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