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How We Treat Vitiligo

Treat vitiligo in systemic way The vitiligo in the early stage is easy to cure. There are many proved recipes successfully cure the vitiligo, but most the cured vitiligo is the vitiligo with small areas. So receive the treatment earlier is very important for vitiligo patients. 

The vitiligo treatment effects and the treatment courses all depends on the causes, pathological factors, sites and areas of the vitiligo. The individual difference and the life, work difference also might influence their vitiligo condition. There are some patients can see the treatment effects after one week of the treatment, some vitiligo patients need to see the treatment effects after more than three months treatment. If the vitiligo patients can not see the treatment effects, it’s quite easy to influence their vitiligo treatment effects. The later one often influence their confidence to receive the treatment and cause their vitiligo treatment process interrupted and delayed their vitiligo conditions.

The vitiligo with long years sick time also have chance to be cured. Their sick time longer and area larger, their vitiligo treatment difficulty is larger. There are no specific medicine for vitiligo at present, any medicine or treatment with limited treatment effects. Over exaggerate one medicine or treatment’s treatment effects is not proper and irresponsible. Dependent too much on one medicine or treatment is not scientifically.

The causes of vitiligo at present remain unclear, it might caused by many factors, the vitiligo mechanism is quite complex, it might related with many factors such as genetic factor, immune factor, nerve endocrine factor and etc. So what we stressed in clinic is systemic treatments. This is one of the important instruction principle for vitiligo treatment. The systemic treatment is combine western medicine and Chinese medicine together to treat vitiligo. For the vitiligo patients with longer sick time and larger lesion size, there are many treatments can apply to treat vitiligo, if the vitiligo patients receive the proper treatment, their vitiligo have very high chance to be cured.

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