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During The Period Of Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo treatment is a long process, which needs patience. If vitiligo patients want to save the treatment time, you should choose proper and professional treatment for you. Don’t treat vitiligo blindly. Or it will not only prolongs treatment time, but also waste plenty of treatment expense.You should choose proper treatment if you want to save your treatment time.

First, vitiligo patients should choose proper therapy. It is a recognized fact that vitiligo is hard to be treated. One important factor is because vitiligo patients have not chose proper treatment. Therefore, vitiligo specialists remind vitiligo patients to choose treatment therapy prudently. Don’t choose therapy blindly to avoid aggravating vitiligo condition. Or it will be also very hard to treat.Second, vitiligo patients should treat vitiligo from the causes. The causes of vitiligo are very complex, and different patients have different causes and treatment methods. When facing vitiligo, patients often think that vitiligo will not bring pain on their body. At this time, it is very important to choose correct treatment.Third, vitiligo patients should positively take treatment. Because the vitiligo causes are not clear yet, may be related to inheritance, immunity, internal secretion and other system disorder. Therefore, we emphasize comprehensive treatment in clinic. This is an important guidance principle.

This is a question that mt vitiligo patients want to ask. Many patients can not see effect after a long period treatment. Then they will be eager to search another therapy or request doctors to change their medicines. We can understand this mentality. But normal epidermis cell’ s growth cycle is about 457 hours, which is about 19 days. According to data statistics, it needs about 6-12 weeks from treatment to recovery. And different patients have different condition and recovery period. Experts usually tell you it needs about 3 months’ medicines to get recovery. According to our clinical practice, among the factors affecting vitiligo, vitiligo type is an comparatively important factor. Local type vitiligo needs about 2 months, and acral type vitiligo, segmental type vitiligo, and generalized vitiligo needs about 3 months. The specific treatment needs to ask vitiligo doctor. Don’t treat vitiligo blindly.

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