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Which Part Vitiligo are Faster Cure

Some scholars mention that the hair follicle can store the melanin, however the density of the hair follicle is vary from the gender and age, and vitiligo area. The number of hair follicles per square centimeter on the skin surface for normal adults, Facial frontal part 770, cheek for girl 730, for forearm 100, thigh 55, abdomen 40. For adults’ person we estimated there about 500milions hair follicles totoally. 100million is on the head area, and forehead and cheek hair follicles density is four to six times than the trunk’s area.

Which part vitiligo are faster to cure
That’s the reason why facial vitiligo has a good therapeutic effect, but the abdomen part has a poor result. We use the same therapeutic to individual patient. The facial white patches will disappear within one to two months. The trunk area’s vitiligo need to continue the treatment. However we can not see any of the therapeutic effects. It is clear evident about that different part vitiligo’s therapeutic effects is different. Therefore we can draw the conclusions

For those hair follicles is more dense area, the white patches are more easily to recover, the treatment effects are good. But for those hair follicle sparse part, the white patches restored slowly. The treatment effect would be poor. When the pigment island start to form at abdomen in clinic, even the pigment island increase upto bean size, but it still will not able to cover the total white patches. At the end the white patches will looks like sparrow eggs. From the treatment aspects to say, the treatment effect is nearly clinic recover. But from the beauty visual aspect, there are no difference with original white patches, even it is worse than before the treatment even not acceptable than before the treatment.

Some part have the hair follicle, but it is the terminal hair, the pigment is pale, and the melancytes is less, the treatment effect is poor, even it is no effect after a long time treatment. But for those area enriched hair follicle, the therapeutic effect would be better.

If the white patches hair has become white, it indicates that the melacnytes have been used up or destroyed. So the treatment would be more difficulty.

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