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How to Prevent Vitiligo in Daily life

How to prevent vitiligo in daily lifeVitiligo is easily to rebound on spring, vitiligo patients must seek for treatment positively, treat this disease according the examination result. Besides that the vitiligo patient also need to strength the nursing care, and have a scientific diet. Here are some points that we can prevent the reoccur of this disease?

1) Pay attention to isomorphic reaction, the local skin irritation will induce the isomorphic reaction such as surgery external trauma, and pressure, friction, some infection. All this factors may induce the onset of vitiligo.

2) Pay attention to the external trauma, the external trauma may cause skin turn to white color, it also is probably because of the damaged of the nerve fiber at local skin, or is because the body at a high stress status, it makes the neuroendocrine system disorder and lower down the synthesis of the melanin.

3. pay attention to the relationship between immunity with the vitiligo, and due to some of the vitiligo patients, they usually accompanied with some organ specific autosensitization disease such as thyroid disease, and pernicious anemia, diabetes mellitus, and bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis.

4. Treat vitiligo at early stage, so we can control the disease develop further.

5. Keep a heath mentality, because of depression have a great influence to the metabolism of the melanin.

6. Environment management, avoid contacting some harmful phenolic chemicals substance, such as rubber protective gloves made by the antioxidant light quinone derivatives, or some of the sandals mad by the synthetic rubber. For those people are usually contact with the chemical substance because of their occupation, such as contact with Tertiary butyl phenol, hydroquinone, hydroquinone single benzene ether, p - sulfur rimantadine hydrochloride, methylamine hydrochloride. It all probably may induce the vitiligo.

7. Avoid taking too much vitamin C, vitamine C are commonly used to treat many kinds of disease, but it is not benefit to the vitiligo patients. Because vitamin C can make dopamine quinone immediately back into dopamine, interrupt the synthesis of the melanin. On the other hand, vitamin C also can inhibit intestine to absorb copper, but also lower down the activity of the copper-oxygenase in serum. So that affects the activities of the tyrosinase.

Prevent drugs inducement, the white spot may appear after long term taking certain drugs, such as some drugs that contain the thiazide sulfa, thiazine, ammonia, tolbutamide, glyburide. All this component are very sensitive to the light. For the medication that contain sulfenyl also can interrupt the normal metabolism of the melanin. Such as cystine, cysteine, disulfide propyl alcohol and penicillamine.

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