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Treatment Opinions for Vitiligo

vitiligo on neckVitiligo is a common skin disease, there are some clinical research for the disease and achieved good results, Especially the treatment of vitiligo have gradually started to solve the pain of the patients clinically. For the patients who wanted to get rid of the disease as quick as possible needs to receive systematic treatment, improve your understanding about the disease to avoid delay of the disease. Presently there are four ways we adopt to treat the vitiligo clinically:

1. Systemic Administration

This way is common in clinically for the vitiligo is not only the problems of sore skin but also related to your body’s immune system and nervous system, so systemic administration is more helpful, the medicine we present use in clinical is immunity regulator, BCG vaccine as well as relevant cortical hormone and so on, this medicine can adjust the vitiligo from the whole body, and bring the better effect.

2. Local administration of drug

Local administration of drug is directly smear some topical drugs in the affected area. Most of this medicine used in clinical are some hormonal drugs, this drugs mainly concentrated in the more common place of the vitiligo, it can get a direct and positive result. In recent years, there are increasing numbers and types of this topical drugs used to treat the vitiligo.

3. Epidermal grafting

Epidermal graft in the clinical treatment of vitiligo become more and more popular in recent years, this way is to replace the affected area skin with the epidermal cells of healthy skin, which makes the numbers of some damaged pigment cells increased greatly, the process of this treatment is very complicated because you need to carefully choose the skin donor site, but the effect was recognized by clinically.

4. Physical therapy

Physical therapy also has a high status in clinical treatment of vitiligo, the specific ways mainly included phototherapy and photo chemical therapy, these are mainly to repair the damaged skin cells in the body and make the melanin in the skin get recovered to treat this disease. Expect for this four ways to treat the vitiligo mentioned above, there are some other ways to treat the vitiligo based on the same theory. But no matter systemic administration or local administration of drugs needs the patients positive cooperation and a more accurate grasp of his illness. The patient should improve their self understanding after a definite diagnosis of their disease, find a suitable treatment I mentioned above, try to choose the best scheme to help themselves get back to the health.

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