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How much it Cost to Treat Vitiligo

How much it cost to treat vitiligoGenerally according to the vitiligo Institute of Medicine expert said that the cost treat vitiligo generally consists of the examination expense, and technological treatment expense, and drugs cost. The therapy plan would be made based on the patient’s own vitiligo condition, so the treatment cost varies from person to person。

The vitiligo diagnoses and treatment cost are composed of the following parts:

1. examination cost, we need to have a systemic examination, indentify the causing factors thoroughly, treat vitiligo target, only by this, it will have a good therapeutic effect.

2. Physical treatment cost. For vitiligo this disease, be sides medicine treatment, we use some advanced technology as well. Such as silicon light, and carbon light, or mixture light, eximer laser therapy, herb medicine bath therapy, and San Yuan therapy. The specialist would make a therapy plan based on the patient’s vitiligo recovery process. the physical treatment are acconts for most of the cost.

For example, 308 excimer laser treatment system integrate the 308nmXeCI excimer laser light resource, 154Hz quasi-continuous nano modulation, The latest liquid light transmission (LLG) and many of the world's top technology and so on. The treatment system uses is XeCI excimer gases. Clinical study have shown that the single wavelength of 308 nm was detected in the induce the T lymphocyte apoptosis for vitiligo and lesions of posoriasis is the best wave length, 308nm also is the strongest wavelength, the deepest can penetrate the leather shallow 1.5 mm. the medical use this principle, the laser direct radiate to the lesion part of skin this will make some relevant biological and chemical changes, it will facilitate the synthesis of melanin. So it reaches the treatment goal by use this 308nm.

The prefer treatment choice is excimer laser therapy for pregnant women, children and other vitiligo patients. It is currently approved by the FDA and Chinese SFDA, as an international leading technique for treating refractory skin diseases such as vitiligo.

3. Medication fees. Medicine consists of the traditional Chinese medicine and some ointments. But the dosage of the drugs would be different based on the patient’s white patches stage.

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