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What We Can Do if Vitiligo Spreading

What can we do if vitiligo spreading What we can do if vitiligo spreading in summer ? Because of vitiligo is a common skin disease in summer. Vitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease. More and more people suffering from this disease. Summer is a high risk season getting vitiligo, and many vitiligo patients don’t know how to cope when their vitiligo start to spread?

1. Sun light, vitiligo patients should increase the sunlight time appropriately. The UV irradiation can facilitate the synthesis of the melanin. It plays a positive role of restoring the skin color, but vitiligo patients can not expose under the sunlight.

2. Mental factors if vitiligo patients will appear negative moods, it will worsen the vitiligo condition. So, positive mood would make the patient’s vitiligo condition better. Thus vitiligo patients should pay more attention to their emotions, and adjust their emotions, only by doing this vitiligo patients can be recover fast.

3. Do exercise appropriately, because with the season change. Many patients’ immunity ability will decline, and vitiligo patients will become more severe. So the appropriate exercise is very necessary for the vitiligo patients, but vitiligo patients should pay attention to it, don’t do too much exercise, and too much exercise will worsen the vitiligo condition.

4. Balanced diet, vitiligo patients should Vitiligo patients should, eat less and totally enriched vitamin C foods, such as oranges, avoid eating the mutton and beef etc. Children vitiligo patients should not eat snakes, drink less carbohydrates beverage, and take more foods that enriched copper and ion. It will make the microelements reach to balance level, promote the synthesis of the melanin. All these will facilitate the patient’s recovery process.

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