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Why its So important to Treat Vitiligo Timely ?

Why its so important to treat vitiligo timely ?Vitiligo is a common skin disease that accompanied losing of the skin pigment. So far, it is not clear of what is the pathogenesis of vitiligo. However it presents that melanocytes losing of its function, the onset part may locate at the certain area, or whole body. The vitiligo are Commonly at hands face and genital area. Especially at the female’s private area.

At present we’ve relatively cleared of diagnosing vitiligo, we need to distinguish vitiligo from other skin disease, like Anemia nevus, white furs, tinea, colorless nevus, leprosy, secondary syphilis.As these symptoms get worse, As there symptoms always accompanied of diabetes, pernicious anemia, atopic dermatitis,thyroid disease,malignant tumor contraindications. It will probably endanger your life safety. Many patients misunderstood think that vitiligo only influence the appearance, it doesn’t do harm to the body health. Thus when the skin show any abnormality, they didn’t see doctor immediately, but just let nature take its course.

In our hospital, we combine the traditional Chinese medicine and some of large medical devices to treat this disease. Firstly we will diagnose it as vitiligo by doing few examination for patients, such as like wood lamp test, and skin tissue scanning, and immunity function test, etc. Sothat the specilist can make a reasonable test for the patients based on their own test result.

It is not good enough if we only use some ointment and orally medicine.

For the medical devices that, we have the herb medicine bath therapy, the medicine just absorbed by the skin tissue. Which also is less side effect.

Besides that we also make use of UVB and excimer 308 laser therapy. But most importantly we combine with some of the internal treatment also, like injection, and infusion. To control vitiligo from spreading to other part of the body.

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