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The Best Therapeutic Ways to Treat Vitiligo

The best therapeutic ways to treat vitiligoAt present, laser therapy, and NB-UVB is most common methods to treat vitiligo at nowadays. However only by using that it is not enough. Because all that therapy treat this disease from the externally. They do not focus on the internal treatment. So vitiligo keep spreading even we see some temporary effect after the UVB therapy. But it doesn’t treat it from the root.

Vitiligo’s pathogenesis

The melancytes amount decreased or disappear will directly cause the onset of vitiligo. At present we are still not clear about the mechanism of this disease, so far it has few possibilities for this disease. The neuron cells function abnormal will produce some toxic substance. The body immune system disorder will attack or destroy melancytes. In addition some of the vitiligo patients probably have certain genetic defect, During melancytes synthesis process, make melancytes easily to be destroyed.

Vitiligo’s clinic presentation. Vitiligo is some white spot or patches, the surrounded are normal skin. The depigmentation spots vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters in size. At developing stage, the skin lesion will gradually extend, continue have some new white patches form. White patches may not obvious for some patients with a pale color skin, but for the deep color skin people. It is quite obvious. The vitiligo part have a clear boundaries with the normal skin color, vitiligo can in terms of any part of skin. It often distribute symmetrically. The incidence would be 10 % to 60% of hair turning to white color. The incidence rate is high in China, every one to two person may suffer from this disease in 100 persons. For half of them will have some skin lesion before 20 years old, 1/5 of them have the family history. Most of the vitiligo patients have a good health condition.

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