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Trance Elements Loss Refers to Vitiligo

Trance Elements Loss Refers to Vitiligo,VitiligoThere are many triggers that can cause vitiligo occur. Vitiligo is universally acknowledged as a immune disorder. And the other causes include heredity, pressure, sun born, injury, infection, etc. But if the patient do a blood test to test the trance elements levels, vitiligo patients two types of trance elements are lower than the normal people which are related to the melanin’s combination.

The cupper and zinc ions are lower than the normal people, so we vitiligo patients should supplement the necessary trance elements from medicine as well as diets which will help to ease the vitiligo condition. If you can eat meat, you can eat some animals’ liver or kidney that contains more trance elements.

There is a problem, is the trance element loss caused vitiligo occur? Or the vitiligo occurs, then the trance elements level is low? The answer is the low level of trance element is a vitiligo symptom. We can supplement the trance elements, but if we want a treatment from the cause, we need treat from the real cause.

We think the white spots are only the symptom, the real cause is blood toxin that exists underneath skin. If we only treat the symptoms, we know that vitiligo is easy to occur again and again.

So we advice to treat from external as well as internal aspects, the external treatments is to remove the white patches, the internal treatments to remove the blood toxin. If we can treat from those two aspects, adjust the internal organs disorder. The disease can be prevented and decrease the relapse greatly.

There are many triggers, so based on the different causes, there are many different treatments, the effects can be shown by different treatments. But we should choose the safe and long term treatments.

Trance element is an aspect of vitiligo, we can not only supplement them. The early diagnosis is necessary, when you get accurate diagnosis, you can treat vitiligo from the real cause. The recovery can be early by early diagnosis, early treatments.

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