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Does cosmetic have an effect on vitiligo?

cosmetic influence on vitiligoVitiligo usually occurs in exposed areas, and facial vitiligo occupies a high proportion of it, especially female friends. After the onset of vitiligo,many women who have vitiligo will still use a lot of masking liquid to cover their white spot area.And at the same time they will also worry about the influence that cosmetic impact on their condition.Whether cosmetics can affect vitiligo illness or not?Here are some introduce from our experts.

Vitiligo hospital experts show that the onset of vitiligo illness itself has a connection with the stimulation of cosmetics.Some whitening cosmetics is rich in heavy metals which can cause severe skin damage.It will lead to the skin melanin cell damage, and eventually induce the happening of the disease -vitiligo.And after getting vitiligo,cosmetics will also affect the skin.What’s worse,it may lead to the epidemic of vitiligo .It is a terrible phenomenon we are not willing to see.Therefore, vitiligo patients should be cautious with cosmetics to avoid a direct threat to their body health.

Cosmetics can cause certain influence to vitiligo illness, so patients should be cautious especially.In addition, on the one hand,patients should avoid the use of cosmetics.On the other hand, patients should also be careful to do a good job in all aspects of nursing work in time,especially their attitude adjustment.The appearance of vitiligo illness will arise patients' psychological burden, and negative psychological factors is extremely easy to cause an negative effect on this disease.Finally, lead to the disease harder to be treated.So experts hope that the broad masses of vitiligo patients could attach importance to the adjustment of the mindset in life and keep optimistic state of mind,which will help to promote rehabilitation for vitiligo.

In addition, patients should also be careful to masking sol. A lot of patients would like to cover parts of the body white spot.For this,the vitiligo hospital experts say that the influence of masking sol is very big,and it is easy to affect the patient's disease and health.So experts do not recommend patients to take the form of masking sol to cover vitiligo because it will cause adverse effect.

Cosmetics can affect vitiligo illness?Above is the introduction related to vitiligo.Hope it will be helpful to patients with vitiligo.They also hope that patients can be rational to treat this disease.At the same time,take positive and effective attitude to do a good job in all aspects of care, which will help the recovery of disease.

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