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Causes and Treatments for Vitiligo on Back

Causes and Treatments for Vitiligo on Back,VitiligoVitiligo can attack any area of patients body, back is also a common area. It is better that the face and arm vitiligo that cause great influence on your appearance. The back vitiligo can be covered by your clothing. But that doesn’t that you can don’t care the treatments of vitiligo, if you delay the best treatment time, the vitiligo can spread to the other areas.


The back vitiligo causes are familiar with other areas. Injury, infection, pressure, heredity and abuse of medicine, even over intake of vitamin C can all cause vitiligo to onset. Some patients’ working environment is not healthy, the chemical materials stimulate skin to response.


There are many treatments for vitiligo, like medication, cream, UV light, Chinese herb medicine, laser treatments.

The most common types are the cream and tablets for vitiligo. In the early stage, the white spots are not that severe. The doctor usually gives you some cream and medication for external usage. The effects are ok. And the medicines usually are the anti-inflammation, anti-immune medications.

If the white spots are obvious and big area, it has caused great influences on the appearance. This time, you may us the phototherapy to repigmentation. This is a fast treatment, while the hormone medicines as well as the phototherapy are temporary effects.

The white spots skin lesions are the symptom, which can be treated by the external medicine and therapy. The real cause underneath skin is the blood toxin that means the inflammation factors, toxic protein, and so on. We should adjust the internal organs’ disorder, and we should also remove the blood toxin. Only we treat and remove the underneath skin causes, the symptom can be removed and which can also be prevented.

We advice the treatments to adjust body. And the back vitiligo is on the trunk of body. Compared to the other areas of hand and feet, back are easy to show effects.

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