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Can Vitiligo Be treated

Can Vitiligo Be Cured,Vitiligo It is universally acknowledged that vitiligo is not curable, and it can occur again and again. But there are also some other clinic cases, the patient only take some natural therapy then the vitiligo disappear and won’t occur for decades years.

The condition of the different vitiligo patients are various, the white spots degree are also different. The specialist or the natural therapy all show different speed treatments effects.

There is a case, she took tar bath, the vitiligo spots disappear and won’t occur. But not all patients show good effects on tar bath. Because the causes are different, now we should know about the causes like, gene, pressure, injury, infection, sun born and so on.

Vitiligo is possible to be treated, but not all patients have the chance. There are the cases, they don’t show the vitiligo symptoms any more after a system of treatments.

The symptoms show on skin, the causes are in blood, the root is the internal organs’ disorder. So the treatment to remove the white spots are only one step, we should also remove the blood toxin, adjust the immune system. The blood toxin is the risk to occur new white spots and the risk of relapse. If we can remove the blood toxin, and the internal organs doesn’t occur new white spots, the vitiligo will disappear, and it can be prevented effectively.

So what we really need to do is to adjust the body immune system, internal organs disorder and remove the blood toxin.

You may have used many creams and hormone medicines, the effects are temporary, but the white spots will occur again and again. It can’t be treated with cream and western medicine. So we should change a attitude to vitiligo as well as the relative treatments.

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