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Talking about vitiligo, many patients can tell their stories being bothered by vitiligo and their pains in life with vitiligo. So, here we will talk about vitiligo in respect definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, categories, treatment, diets and cases.

Talking about vitiligo, many patients can tell their stories being bothered by vitiligo and their pains in life with vitiligo. So, here we will talk about vitiligo in respect definition, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, categories, treatment, diets and cases.

What is vitiligo

Vitiligo is a kind of common acquired focal or generalized skin pigment loss disease, it is caused by loss of melanocyte function. people with vitiligo have white patches on many areas of the body, most commonly vitiligo on back of the finger, wrist, front arm, face, neck and the area around genitals, etc. Besides, it also appears in female vulva, especially in the young female.

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Causes of vitiligo

Who gets vitiligo?

Millions of people worldwide have vitiligo. Nearly half get it before they reach 21 years of age. Most will have vitiligo for the rest of their lives. It is very rare for vitiligo to disappear.

Vitiligo occurs about equally in people of all skin colors and races. About half the people who get vitiligo are male and half are female.

The risk of getting vitiligo increases if a person has:

A close blood relative who has vitiligo.

An autoimmune disease, especially Hashimoto’s disease (a thyroid disease) or alopecia areata (causes hair loss).

It is said that vitiligo was related with many things, mainly the followings.

a. Heredity

Vitiligo can happen to twins and their families, which means that heredity plays important role in occurrence of vitiligo.

b. Autoimmunity

Vitiligo can concurrent with autoimmune disease, like diabetes, thyroid disease, malignant anemia, RA, etc. And it usually happens to those whose immunity is weak.

c. Mental and neurochemistry

Mental condition is closely related with occurrence of vitiligo. Most patients have psychological trauma, stress, depression when vitiligo happens or during progression.

d. Damage of melanocyte

Vitiligo patients can produce antibody and T-lymphocytes inside their body which means that immune responses can cause melanocyte damage.

e. Lack of micro-elements

The copper or ceruloplasmin level in blood and skin of vitiligo patients is quite low, which cause low activity of tyrosinase, duly affecting metaboltes of melanin.

f. Others

Trauma, sunshine exposure to strong sunshine as well as some photosensitive medicine can also lead to vitiligo.

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Symptoms of Vitiligo

It usually happens in youth. The skin manifested with pigment loss patches, milky white or light pink, surface is smooth no rash. And margin of vitiligo is clear, pigment in margin usually increases than normal skin, and hair within vitiligo is usually normal or turns to white.

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Types of Vitiligo

1. Localized

a. Focal single or multiple vitiligo focused in one part, no segmental distribution;

b. Unilateral (segmental) single or multiple vitiligo distributed segmentally and disappeared suddenly at the centraline.

c. Mucosal It happens only in mucosa.

2. Scattered

a. Ordinary generalized and scattered vitiligo

b. Face & limbs distributed in face and limbs

c. Mixed segmental, face & limbs and/or ordinary mixed together

3. Universal

All or almost all pigment loss.

Over 90% are scattered vitiligo, and localized are more common than universal in others.

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Diagnosis & Test of Vitiligo

The final definite diagnosis should be done through wood light. After definite diagnosis, patients should take more tests to find out the exact reason for vitiligo. And it is found many patients are lack of micro-elements, like copper, etc. Then according to their specific conditions, patients also need to do skin CT to see pigment loss condition and how long it takes for them to recover from vitiligo. In one word, we need to run all necessary tests to find out the exact reason for their disease which will be very helpful in making their treatment plan and gurranttee the good outcome.

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Best Diet of Vitiligo

How to Make Diet Plan for Vitiligo Patients?

We think that many vitiligo patients may confuse about it, and there are many things can cause vitiligo, so there are many possibilities for different cases. So, experts here give some suggestions to vitiligo patients: vitiligo treatment takes long time, so patients should be patient and choose one effective treatment and insist on it, do not always change once they get some improvement. Here we share some opinions of our experts.

Do you know some diet plan for vitiligo patients? Experts said that daily care together with regulation can be very helpful for treatment. Here are the suggestions for vitiligo patients: 1.Proper exercises can help maintain memory and coordination of the body, reduce tiredness can help prevent sub-health and prolong lifespan. Here we remind you that overstrain work can only cause damage to health, so experts suggest that patients should follow individualized diet plan.

How to Judge Vitiligo Treatment?

Here we think that insisting on effective treatment is the scientific attitude. Proper exercises means patients feel warm at the end of exercise in Winter, and sweat a little bit but no palpitation in Summer. Heavy sweating and difficult breath is not good for health or even cause severe consequences. So treatment and prevent go together for vitiligo patients.

Eating breakfast is very important for vitiligo patients. Breakfast is meaningful and no matter how much they eat for breakfast, they would not get fat. Many years ago, there was a breakfast fair in USA, nutritionists from various country discussed about breakfast from different countries worldwide, and make conclusion that eating breakfast is helpful in memory, improves study and work efficiency and constitution. What kind of breakfast meets all nutrition requirements ? They think that breakfast like the followings is qualified: Grain 100g (side crops or coarse food); Milk 1 bottle, Egg 1 (not fried or in any other form except boiled), proper vegetables, and one apple. With reasonable diet, people can maintain good health.

From above article we can know some common sense about diet plan for vitiligo patients. No other snacks besides three meals in the day can help improve health, but also can lead to disease. So, the requirements for three meals firstly is balanced nutrition, do not only eat those you like but in variety and not too full. Only in this way can we get all nutrition we need. So, here all staff in our hospital sincerely hope that you can recover soon.

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How Does Vitiligo Develop?

The beginning of vitiligo and the severity of pigment loss differs with each individual. Light skinned people usually notice the pigment loss during the summer as the contrast between depigmented skin and suntanned skin becomes distinct. People with dark skin may observe the onset of vitiligo at any time. Individuals who have severe cases may lose pigment over their entire body surface. There is no way to predict how much pigment an individual will lose. Illness and stress can result in more pigment loss. The degree of pigment loss can also vary within each vitiligo patch, and a border of abnormally dark skin may encircle a patch of depigmented skin.

Vitiligo frequently begins with a rapid loss of pigment, which may be followed by a lengthy period when the skin color does not change. Later, pigment loss may resume, perhaps after the individual has suffered physical trauma or stress. The loss of color may continue until, for unknown reasons, the process stops. Cycles of pigment loss followed by periods of stability may continue indefinitely. It is rare (but possible) for a patient with vitiligo to repigment or regain skin color spontaneously. Most patients who say that they no longer have vitiligo may actually have become depigmented and are no longer bothered by contrasting skin color. While such patients appear to be "cured", they really are not. People who have vitiligo all over their bodies do not look like albinos because the color of their hair may not change (or it can be dyed) and eye color does not change.

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Treatment of Vitiligo

Talking about vitiligo treatment, we think the most important thing should focus on root causes. Actually, there are many things that can lead to vitiligo, which is rather complicated, so we can not treat all the cases in the same way. So, finding out the exact reason and make the right diagnosis is the first thing patients should do before their treatment. So, running all necessary tests is very important and closely related with the outcome of the treatment. Second, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, vitiligo happens because of imbalance of yin and yang and immune disorder, which leads to worse micro-circulation and damage the melanophore. So, The principle of traditional Chinese medicine in treating vitiligo: it can improve blood circulation and remove stasis to improve micro-circulation and increase blood supply to lesions, duly promoting synthesis of tyrosine, inhibiting damage of melanin, stopping expansion of vitiligo; Second, TCM can benefit qi and increase essense to promote growth of melanophore, and activation as well as repair residual melanophore; Third, it can tonify kidney to relieve depression and relieve uneasiness so that the yin and yang will be balanced and immune system in order, prevent relapse of vitiligo.

Besides, we also have other therapies, like acupuncture, massage, cupping, excimer melanin activation therapy, regulation & Reconstruction of immunity, photochemotherapy, CAS melanophore gene intervention treatment, superoxide blood purification therapy, etc. which treat the vitiligo from multiple dimensions and different causes in order to ensure the outcome. More details you can refer to other therapies.

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Advantages of Zhongke UM-D multiple Dimension Vitiligo Diagnosis And Treatment System

The system focuses on the treating the disease from root, so first, we will run overall tests including lab tests, physical tests, psychological tests and other almost one hundred tests to find out the exact reason. And then treat the disease from one or more causes with our key unique multiple dimension rehab therapies to eliminate the pathogenetic factors.

First, overal scientific diagnosis to provide basis for vitiligo treatment.

Second, Focusing on the root causes, make individualized treatment plan.

Third, treat the disease from multiple dimensions to achieve long-term relief.

Besides the conventional functions like repair and regenerate melanophore-activate tyrosinase-synthesize melanin-recover skin color, the system also has the following functions:

Improve micro-circulation: reduce pathogenic factors in local vitiligo lesions or whole body.

Regulate immunity: eliminate antibodies of melanophore so as to prevent damage of melanophore, duly help recover skin color.

Increase melanophore shift and improve regulation system. The system can regulate KIT/SCF system, improve melanophore shift to vitiligo lesions and help its proliferation, duly producing more melanin and recovering skin color.

With above features, the system can shorten treatment duration, reduce cost and ensure effects.

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